Middle School Leadership Club


The Middle School Leadership Club’s purpose is to enhance and further develop independent and collaborative leadership skills that will contribute to making a difference in both in school and in communities.  By starting early with middle school students, we are able to begin development of their talents and skills that will serve them as they move forward in their years of secondary and serve them well into their future. Our first visit was to the children that live at Casa Feliz, on October 2016. They played and shared chicken sandwiches, cookies, and sodas with them.

Upcoming Activities/ Events

We have scheduled another visit to Casa Feliz to celebrate Valentine’s Day during February 2017. We have requested permission to take games so that students can play with them and maybe show them how to play some board games. We plan to take personal toys that they are willing to donate to give them. For the girls, we are planning to take some nail polish to give them and paint their nails, from the little ones to the teenagers. The boys were considering a soccer game but we did not see a soccer field, so instead, we will plan to take electronics to play games with them. We will also take cookies, snacks, and orange juice to share with them.



This last weekend, Middle School Leadership Club visited Casa Feliz, an event that they had been planning since last December. They decided to spend some time with sharing their time with the children. We requested permission to take video games (Mario Bros, etc) so the boys could play on a Wi. The girls took nail polish to paint the girls’ nails and braided hair for them. It was very rewarding to see how they engaged in the activities that were planned. Each Middle School Leadership Member donated money to buy orange juice and cupcakes that were made by two of the Middle School Leadership Members to share. They also donated sodas, bags of candy for each one of the 27 kids, as well as lollipops, ice, and cups for the drinks. The director of Casa Feliz thanked us for dedicating time and sharing with the kids, as not many groups spend time with the kids. 


About the School

Mazapan School is a Nursery-12 co-educational bilingual school Founded in 1928 and located in La Ceiba, Honduras, offers an U.S.-style college preparatory instruction program. The students attending Mazapan School become fluent in both English and Spanish and receive a U.S. High School diploma and a Honduran Baccalaureate degree.

Address and phone numbers

Mazapan School
6th Street, Beckman Avenue
Zona Mazapan
La Ceiba, Honduras
Phone: +(504) 2443-2716
+(504) 2443-1001 ext 2600