All Mazapan School classrooms are equipped with air conditioning, projectors, whiteboards, student desks/tables and chairs.  The classrooms also contain teacher desks with computers and speakers. Many classes extend learning into our green spaces, and enjoy learning among nature.


In our preschool classrooms, the classroom is arranged with age appropriate furniture, a classroom carpeted area, storage areas, centers materials, hands on equipment, big books for reading, student sized restrooms, storage closets, a sink, microwave ovens, and a variety of resources for learning.  Interactive whiteboards are used for introducing songs, new learning, and for student exploration in centers.  Our preschool classes utilize the sidewalk spaces outside of the classroom for guided learning with their teachers and classroom assistants.  


Our elementary classrooms promote exploration and community.  In elementary classrooms, there is a center of 6 chromebook laptops, and an in room wireless access point used in learning centers. Classrooms are equipped with age appropriate furniture, a classroom sink, storage areas, interactive whiteboards, carpeted areas, classroom libraries, textbook storage, and a variety of hands on math and science materials. Classrooms in 3rd and 4th grade also include a reading loft.

5th-6th Grade

Our early middle school classrooms are the home base for our 5th and 6th grade students.  These classrooms contain interactive whiteboards, a center of 6 chromebook computers, storage space, and classroom resources for hands on learning. Teachers in these grades share a large office space that is used for planning and preparation when students occupy the classroom.

Middle School and High School

Students in grades 7-12 bring their own laptop computers and move to their various classrooms.  Each classroom is equipped with tables, electrical outlets for charging, interactive whiteboards with projectors and speakers, and are arranged in a way that promotes collaboration and exploration. Classroom resources vary from course to course based on course needs.  Students utilize a fully equipped science lab for their science classes.

Mazapan School’s Swinford Library and Media Center

The mission of Mazapan School’s Swinford Library and Media Center is to provide a comfortable, welcoming, curriculum-based learning environment that accommodates all learners, supports Mazapan School’s Mission and Vision, collaborates with teachers and administrators in the development and application of instructional procedures, caters to the information needs of all school stakeholders and promotes a lifetime love of reading for pleasure and learning.

The library proudly features a world-class level collection of more than 15,000 books, which includes an extensive amount of Newberry  and Caldecott Award winners, works by Nobel Literature Prize laureates, literary classics in English and Spanish, an up-to-date Atlas, five complete encyclopedia sets, reference materials, professional development materials for teachers and administrators, and various magazines for children, teenagers and adults.

With more than 50 years of combined experience between them, Mrs. Lurbin Crespo, Library Assistant (and artistic director) and Mr. Claude Rochon, Librarian and Media Specialist, have been working together for the last four years to serve, help and teach students, teachers, administrative staff and all other library patrons. 

The library offers an array of services in various areas

The Library Viewing Room

This multipurpose room is used for classes, meetings, conferences, multimedia presentations, and other events. It features a wall-sized decorative backdrop, hand-painted by Mrs. Crespo, Mr. Jorge Avila and others. The Viewing Room is capable of supporting a variety of multimedia equipment such as projectors and speakers and a 52” flat screen TV is used for video and movie viewings, webinars, and other online events.

The High-School Study Space

This area is dedicated to Middle School students, High School students, and adults because it houses the Library’s Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Dictionary, Young Adult Fiction and Spanish sections. Some Elementary, Middle School and High School teachers routinely use this space for their classes. Mr. Rochon, for instance, has been using this space to provide Library Instruction classes to 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders for the past two years.

The Young Readers Section

This section of the library contains books for students from Nursery to the 2nd Grade. Preschool and Elementary School teachers sometimes use items from this section as instructional material in their classes.

The Elementary School Space

This area features shelves that house the library’s Elementary Fiction, Elementary Nonfiction and Elementary Biography sections. Mrs. Crespo uses this space to provide Library and Art Instruction classes and workshops to students from Preschool to the 3rd Grade. This area also features a beautiful tree made entirely of construction paper, created and produced by Mrs. Crespo and various students.

The Library’s Art Center

Mrs. Crespo uses this space to host art classes with Preschool and Elementary students and elective classes with High School students. Much of the work that students produce in these classes is exhibited throughout the library.

The Art Center also houses the school’s Reader’s Circle Collection, with small collections of texts (in English and Spanish) that are used in Elementary, Middle School and High School English classes.

Painting by Denisse Sandoval, Art Elective class, 2016.

Egyptian art and writing. Art Elective class, 2014. (The cartouches in the top part of the painting are the students’ names written in Egyptian hieroglyphics).

The Mayan Mask

This magnificent Maya style mask is made entirely of paper maché and was created and produced by Mrs. Crespo. The mask proudly watches over library staff and patrons and is a constant reminder of the proud origins of many Hondurans.

Thanks to its focus on various forms of artistic expression such as literature and visual arts, its art-enriched decorative style and its bright lighting, Mazapan School’s Swinford Library and Media Center is a unique environment that is much more than a place to borrow and read books.  The comfortable surroundings, wide range of events it hosts and the array of services it offers make the library a key part of the education offered at Mazapan School.

Mazpan School has two designated playground areas, while many students utilize the entire school campus for exploration and play during recess and lunch times.


Our preschool playground was developed by the support of our P.T.A. and provides our youngest pelicans a space for exploring and playing that is both fun and safe.  This area is atop a rubber mat, providing additional safety and support as gross motor skills are developed.  Students can climb, swing, and slide, as they learn and grow!


Our big playground serves our elementary students, providing them with opportunities to climb, slide, swing, and seesaw.  This playground is atop a sand area, providing safety and support in case of falls.

Our computer room serves as the home for our technology classes, as well as our MAP testing (conducted twice each year).  This space is equipped with 30 desktop computers, an overhead projector, and speakers to support our students' technology development. 

This lab is also utilized for TOEFL and AP testing as we are an ETS testing site.

Our All Purpose Room (APR), is just that, a room where a variety of activities take place each week in our school. It is in this space, we hold our general assembly at the start of each year, host various events including science fair, Model United Nations, national organization meetings, and our bi-monthly School for Parents. This space is equipped with a stage, stage lighting, sound system, air conditioning and accommodates up to 400 people. Our performing arts department utilizes this facility for various musical and dramatic shows throughout the year. When our sports are in season, we send our teams off with the Pelican Spirit in our pep-rallies that we hold in the APR.

Art Room

Our art room serves our art students in grades 4-11.  The well lit, open and airy facility encourages creativity and promotes artistic exploration.  Equipped with large tables, benches, and a projector, our art teacher is able to demonstrate artistic techniques, circulate and provide one-on-one guidance to students. Students utilize the sink, drying rack, and supplies storage to keep the space neat and tidy.



Music Room

Our music room is in the heart of the campus, and serves our preschool through high school students. This room consists of a large classroom space that allows students to break into small groups as they practice their recorders, keyboards, guitars, or individual instruments.  Equipped with an overhead projector and speakers, students are able to read music as their teacher directs their singing and instrumental performance.  This classroom contains a large closet for storing instruments and supplies.

Our newly redesigned Pelican Cafe is run and operated independently.  Ms. Jessica and the cafeteria staff provide high quality food and personalized service.  The Pelican Cafe serves our students healthy, delicious meals during their morning break (recess) and lunch times.  Students in elementary, middle, and high school visit the cafeteria where they find a variety of options for breakfast and lunch.  Local favorite, Baleadas, are a popular cafeteria item, as well as a variety of international cuisine items.  Each week's menu is different, offering students options from around the world. 

For the preschool classes, the cafeteria delivers food to the classrooms when parents have ordered. 

While the cafeteria is warm, welcoming, and inviting, some students prefer to enjoy their lunch amidst our lush, green campus' outdoor picnic tables.

Our open air gym serves our PE classes for Kindergarten through grade 12.  In our warm, tropical climate, this space allows the eastern breezes to flow through and is equipped with mounted fans around the perimeter.  This space includes the PE office where the PE teacher, coaches, and activities coordinator are located.  Large closets house our variety of equipment and provide space for preparation of classes.

It also includes a stage on the north side where we hold our weekly morning assemblies, civic assemblies, and graduation ceremony in June.  This space is also used for various family activities that are held throughout the year.

Mazapan School has two green field areas that support our P.E. and Athletics needs.  The larger field, located at the east end of campus, serves our older students in grades 7-12.  The Mango Field is used by our Pelican Club students and also serves as additional parking during large school events.


From 6:45 am - 8:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays


The school store carries an inventory of our required uniform items including, the school monogram, PE shirts, PE shorts, PE pants, uniform jackets, and other seasonal items. The complete uniform for preschool, including the skort and shorts, polo and PE uniforms are also sold. Stickers required for entrance into the school's facility may also be purchased at the store. 

About the School

Mazapan School is a Nursery-12 co-educational bilingual school Founded in 1928 and located in La Ceiba, Honduras, offers an U.S.-style college preparatory instruction program. The students attending Mazapan School become fluent in both English and Spanish and receive a U.S. High School diploma and a Honduran Baccalaureate degree.

Address and phone numbers

Mazapan School
6th Street, Beckman Avenue
Zona Mazapan
La Ceiba, Honduras
Phone: +(504) 2443-2716
+(504) 2443-1001 ext 2600