Honoring Tradition.

Embracing Innovation.

We firmly believe that education is a journey that begins in infancy and continues throughout a lifetime.  As educators, we are committed to providing to each child every opportunity to learn, develop, and grow during the years they travel through the classrooms, halls, and playgrounds of this venerable educational institution. 

The Mazapan School Advantage

Mazapan School is the oldest of all of the American schools in Honduras and we have developed a school culture that strongly emphasizes the intellectual and moral growth of our students. Our faculty is closely involved with our students, not only in the classroom, but also as coaches, advisors, mentors and friends. We foster an atmosphere that encourages our students to engage in intellectual activity and independent thinking. While maintaining our traditional foundation, we also remain current in providing for the needs of 21st century students. We are committed to an active partnership between school and family, and provide an environment of openness, responsiveness, and communication, where the child’s well-being is considered above all.

Internationally Accredited

Since 1973 Mazapan School is accredited by Cognia (Formerly AdvancEd) which indicates that we meet international standards of excellence which allows our students go graduate with a United States High School diploma and the Honduran Bachillerato de Ciencias y Humanidades (Class of 2017) / Bachillerato Internacional Ciencias y Humanidades (Classes of 2018- future). 

Cultural Immersion

Our teachers are comprised of a blend of 60% Honduran nationals and 40% United States/ Canadian teachers which provides opportunities for immersion into native English learning and culture immersion

Service Oriented

Mazapan school believes in promoting service and caring for others and participates in a variety of service projects throughout the year.

College Preparation

Our students enter Mazapan School knowing that they will be prepared for a future in the university of their choice and will be guided in the application, acceptance, and financial aid/ scholarship  processes.

Company Owned

Mazapan School is owned by Standard Fruit de Honduras, a Dole subsidiary, providing stability, standards of excellence, and ensures quality.

Highly Qualified Teachers

All teachers hold a bachelor's degree or higher, with the majority of our teachers possessing a master’s degree in education or a specialized field.

High Standards

Mazapan School maintains a reputation for quality and remaining current on innovations in education. Students are held to high standards in academics, conduct, service and character.

Technology Rich Campus

Mazapan School maintains commitment to preparing students with the technology skills they need for success and provides the infrastructure and resources that support a technology rich learning environment.

Legacy of Excellence

Our rich history as the first American styled bilingual school in Honduras has provided a solid foundation upon which we continue to improve in providing top-notch learning for our students.

Collaborative Spirit

As a small school, students are individually known by staff members and other students.  Our family-like environment ensures that each child is known and advocated for by various staff members.

Diverse Opportunities

Learning extends beyond the classroom doors into a variety of enrichment activities and clubs. Mazapan Students have the opportunity to represent their family, community, and school at a national and international level through academic, leadership, art, and athletic activities and conferences

Unique Learning Environment

Located in the heart of La Ceiba, our lushly tropical campus provides a unique blend of indoor and outdoor learning spaces and maintains the Standard Fruit de Honduras’ architectural charm of the colonial styled buildings.
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Inspiring Excellence


Our curriculum is founded upon research-based practices, it has been developed to meet our school's unique needs and maintains high standards for student learning. Teachers utilize a variety of innovative learning strategies to deliver content, support skills development, promote creative and critical thinking, and support student needs. A variety of assessments are utilized including the NWEA MAP Growth test, which is administered twice each year.

Embodying Values

Character Counts pillars

Mazapan School promotes the development of the Character Counts! pillars of character. Each month, we focus on a character pillar that is reinforced throughout the classroom, in character focused activities, and enhanced through opportunities to demonstrate the traits.

Prospective Families

How to Apply

Prospective families should visit our admissions page for details on testing, entrance, and tuition.


Admissions testing begins in the Spring.  Further details may be found on our admissions tab.

Plan a Visit

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About the School

Mazapan School is a Nursery-12 co-educational bilingual school Founded in 1928 and located in La Ceiba, Honduras, offers an U.S.-style college preparatory instruction program. The students attending Mazapan School become fluent in both English and Spanish and receive a U.S. High School diploma and a Honduran Baccalaureate degree.

Address and phone numbers

Mazapan School
6th Street, Beckman Avenue
Zona Mazapan
La Ceiba, Honduras
Phone: +(504) 2443-2716
+(504) 2443-1001 ext 2600